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McEntee & O’Doherty, Solicitors, is a well established law firm recognised as a leading provider of high quality legal services. Our law firm has been serving our clients for over 45 years. We work with a broad range of both business and private clients. We have clients from all over Ireland and overseas

We believe in putting our clients first. At McEntee & O’Doherty, our number one priority is you. Putting you first is a simple philosophy, but it is one that flows throughout every part of our law firm and underpins everything we do

We listen to our clients, understand their needs and only then do we provide legal advice. We take the time and care to learn about your individual needs before offering solutions that answer your requirements. It is this simple approach that ensures we build strong and close relationships with our clients that are built on trust. It’s what makes McEntee & O’Doherty the right choice for so many clients

We understand that each client is different and believe that our expertise, combined with our experience ensures that we can quickly understand your needs and provide advice and solutions that are tailored to your individual circumstances

We believe that you are more interested in practical solutions than legal technicalities. We take a practical and proactive approach to problem solving. We offer clear legal advice and guide you through difficult situations so that you can achieve the outcomes you want without having to worry about complex legal issues

As a client of McEntee & O’Doherty, you will have

  • A highly experienced solicitor from the firm who devotes time and attention to understanding your needs and objectives
  • An insightful solution that represents the best value for you as an individual or a business
  • Straightforward advice conveyed in a straightforward way

Advice that leaves you baffled is poor advice, we prefer a more straightforward approach. We take a common sense approach. It is why so many businesses and individuals return again and again for our support and advice on the issues they face

Our law firm is built on long standing relationships we have forged with our clients. We are always looking for fresh ways to improve the service we offer to our clients and to develop and grow the practice. Above all, we are committed to putting you first

For more information about McEntee & O’Doherty or for further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you

McEntee & O’Doherty Solicitors - Serving our clients for generations

We have been serving our clients for over 45 years. Offering expert legal guidance for individual clients, we are also the law firm of choice for many business and corporate clients

To arrange a consultation about our Legal Services, call us today on +353 (0) 47 82088 or make an appointment through our Bookings Page.

For the convenience of our clients who cannot travel, home and hospital visits are available upon request

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